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Aphantopus Hyperantus

material, hat, thread, wire 2007

10x30x27 cm

Winning Bid

1 dinner in Paris

Barter History

-Cashmeere sweater and dinner jacket (kiton)
-2 weeks in my flat in Berlin
-your choice: 1) ill let you tell me your most terrible secret, and promise to keep it safe. 2) i let you save my life
-Your pick of my used clothing for another piece
-A month of staying in a 158 square m room in the middle of the circus in berlin mitte
-Interior and prop styling for an event of your choice (ie birthday party, film, art opening etc)
-Promote your art for a month
-The work will be transferred into a stencil and spread over montreal, bejing, paris, london zurick and berlin city landscape
-Your portrait painted-oil on canvas