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Zhivago Duncan

Diluted With Time

triptych of photographic C-prints, 2014

138 x 297 cm

Winning Bid

Barter History

-I will author an unofficial biography of the artist I will give you my bear brick toys (it’s sold out, so you can’t get), 10 pieces 3 days camping site in my garden in accommodation with electricity.
-Your work reminds of my country Jordan and I'am almost certain it's Jordan actually.
-I would offer to cook you a home cooked Jordanian lunch or dinner and we can sit and talk about it with everything that’s wrong about it and everything that’s just right; like what you are depicting in your work My friendship + lame jokes (+hamam treatment, not by me).
-Design consultancy for your home refresh.
-A stay at my mom’s place in Morocco (all awesome meals included).
-A good selection of books, review of your work at radamas,org.
-A dinner/lunch for 2 at Noma behind the scenes tour of kitchen 1 week in an amazing house in Rio de Janeiro, look for “casa sonho” in. -I will be your photography pal & offer you one of my favourite works in photography.
-An all expenses paid trip to Oman with my friends and I (valid from Dubai only).
-A custom playlist for your iPod Peppa Pig Toy (from Ivy aged 2).
-Curator led tour of the Tate Modern collection / exhibition and dinner at the Tate restauarant.
-You can come to my place in Berlin and I will take you to techno clubs 5 Lighing macqueen stickers from my collection scary story telling from an 11 year old I'll come to your studio or meet you somehwere you like and take pictures of you or your work or anything you'd like to have documented.
-A morning making paper airplanes with me and my sons and then flying them on our balcony over the marina and JBR - we live on the 4th floor I shall give out one of my favourite photograph clicked by me.