Swap shop: Tech to barter your way to the good life

Art attack
Art Barter revolves around events, rather than a platform and community. The intent is to give people from all backgrounds access to works of art.
Pieces are displayed without the name of the artist, and members of the public decide what they can offer in return.
"Beyond making art more accessible for many, it also encourages people to think creatively about what they can offer," says co-founder Alix Janta-Polczynski.
"By taking money out of the equation, people often feel empowered and rejoice in this unusually egalitarian approach."
Pieces can be viewed online and are then displayed at a show. The latest one took place in Mexico City.
Swaps have included 30 hours of French tuition for a Tracey Emin monoprint, an intern for three months in exchange for a Tom Sachs' sculpture and a crate of vintage wine for a Jason Dodge piece.
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