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Alia Dawood


Winning Bid

Barter History

-A solution to all of your problems, I will listen and solve.
-I will teach you how to make amazing Argentinean Empanadas.
-20 hours of digital marketing consulting.
-The best friendship ever.
-1 day of kite surf lesson.
-An advice about your home from an architect.
-An evening with the family - home cooked meal - guitar recital by one child - dance performance by second child - food you have never tasted before (my mum's recipes).
-Visit and take pictures from the Golden Frame building, once opened.
-I can show your work in an art gallery in London.
-A dinner party for 10 of your friends at your house (I will cook).
-A self made dinner for 8 persons the Hague, Netherlands. 1 day consultancy *business development / * marketing strategy / *communications - be known, be understood, be recognised 1 signed 'SMLXL' by Rem Koolhaas; Tour at OMA Dubai.
-Kite surf lesson & homemade French dinner.
-Concept design for a villa you like to construct.
-10 free Welsh lessions; home made Welsh cakes.
-A dinner/lunch for 2 at Noma behind the scenes tour of kitchen.
-15 hours of Italian classes, while I’ll be cooking Italian food for you.
-Tour on foot/by car with me for modern architecture in Abu Dhabi.
-The artist to print of his photo as a postcard insert in the next issue of Tribe Magazine.
-I will write an article about your work(Art Forum and other mag contributor).
-A curated playlist, reacting / describing your art, or an artwork of your choosing.
-Give a kiss.
-Cooking for unprivileged kids burgers & BBQ chips.
-A ride on my 1 eyed polo pony x3 (she’s amazing).
-You will be featured on one of our social media channels + website.
-Creation and naming rights for exotic pizza flavour to feature for one month in our restaurant.
-Flight + 3 day stay in Amsterdam at my house + boat ride tour.
-Got your nose! If you want it back, send the art to me!.
-Meeting @Marina Social.
-A sick rap playlist.
-I will compose, play and record a piece of music inspired by the work.
-Meeting a 7 years old called Alia Dawood too!
-I'll come to your studio and take pictures of your work, you, or anything you'd like to have documented.