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Antony Cairns

OSC (Osaka Station City)

artist book printed on used and unsed computer punch cards in black aluminium foil slip cases 2015

18.7 x 7.3 cm

Winning Bid

Authentic hand-painted Japanese kimono, pls check & 5 hours help in the darkroom

Barter History

-One week acccomodation in Senegal.
-A bag of freshly roasted coffee and sushi for dinner.
-Tender cuddle.
-English/German/Afrikaans language lessons + dinner with food from South Africa.
-5 hours of my time.
-I could assist you in the darkroom, run errands, help with a text, babysit or something else that you need - I have multiple skills, let’s discuss!
-My own illustration of skull and roses in crayons.
-Advice/editing/curation - I’m a curator at British Museum and would love to help in any way I can.
-A day for lunch, I would love to understand the process behind the art.
-2 prints of my character designs.
-A tour guide for a weekend in either Lisbon or Porto (insiders guide) with accommodation provided.
-24 black and white phtography of Dubai meetup and other stations.
-Custom made cake and one of my pieces of art.
-All the catalogues from Tate shows 2015-2016. 5 hours Portugese lessons.
-A weekend in the penthouse of a marina building, overlooking the ocean, the palm and the marina.
-The chance to meet and spend the afternoon with an art student
-I will spend the day with you at your art studio / gallery and help in your creative process.
-A 5 course vegan homecooked meal to be enjoued in my Dubai Marina penthouse