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Winning Bid

A sculpture of your choice from my show.

Barter History

-You can come to Italy and I drive you around (I am a very funny person ;) ).
-Freshly home made authentic Indian meal served at home.
-An advice about your home from an architect.
-10,000 Georgia's smiles.
-Exhibition of different artworks in a Dubai UK curriculum premium school and an art encounter with the pupils (from 3-11yrs old).
-I will design the most amazing studio space for you.
-I'll make you a traditional Croatian national dish.
-Advice/editing/curation - I’m a curator at British Museum and would love to help in any way I can.
-My awesome Indie music playlist (it’s worth it) :).
-I will donate AED 500 to a charity of your choice or I will paint you a picture of your choice.
-My honest opinion.
-Photograph all your work for free + hang out with Timmy :).
-A 2 day photoshoot with a minimum output of 24 photo's of any subject of your choice.
-Yourself, your work, your space.
-My son's artwork of yoru choice - a 5 yr old and a 7 yr old. home made meal (French, Italian, Algerian) by qualified cook 79th floor Burj Khalifa.