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C-print 2010

23 1/2

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A vat of kimchi, saurkerkrat (your very own taxidermerted rattle snake)
-Custom made piece from IAMAMIA adornment (
-New years eve in mexico city
-5 sessions of tarot card psychoanalysis
-5 garlic bulbs per month for a year from my organic garlic farm in NH
-I will make a soundscore for your next piece
-Video project shot on Canon 5D about you or whatever mixtape + hand-scribbles + shirt + exclusive video art of my grandma and whale songs
-15 hours of free babysitting by Philip Seymour Hoffman's ex nanny
-See into your soul
-Art trade I make pretty work
-I will ghost tweet 4 u -or- curtis jeve sculptures
-1.) workout at the Trump International Towers and hotel gym. use all their amenities--sauna, showers, bathrobes, slippers. For a week. or 2.) Expert retoucher--Photoshop whatever work you want. Can turn a turd into angelina jolie. or 3.) Give you a free bridal gown or dress of your choice from a top bridal manufacturing company. check out