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Vacuum formed PETG plastic, cast urethane, stainless steel, Roe Deer antlers

24” x 21” x 21”

Winning Bid

I week in NH cabin w/ children's ski lessons

Barter History

-artwork #30 (Francesco Nazardo) for yours
-10 course meal that I will cook for you and your wife
-27 German lessons (from a German teacher)
-a trip to see Carlsbad Caverns.
-sexual favors of your choosing
-10 hours legal consulting on legal or business questions. I have ID from Yale law school. Kianga Ellis.
-Execution and filming of your wildest dream (to be filmed in NY or travel can be discussed) max 15-20 mins
-Design your website
-Any record from my collection
-1)My friendship 2)Entertaining conversation 3)My friend will cook for you 4)Back rub for 1 week
-a puppy, a dinner party and a Columbia and Yale thesis in History of Art
-20 hours of embroiders skills to be used in whichever way you choose
-I'll build you a treehouse