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Daniela Bojorquez Vertiz

Siete de Marzo

Winning Bid

No exchange

Barter History

-Spend April 15th with you and write something about anything what happened
- Artwork N.10 (or other from the serie)
- Strategy and business model, anyone who wants
- Custom shoes or pledge
- 2 hour embedded system session|
- 15 photos 4 x 6, Photo camera Canon eos and Kodak film ultramax 2008
- Publish a book (magazine)
- 20 foot masages, 3 interpretive drawings of family members, 1 unanticipated theatrical experience
- wood and steel sculpture 20 x 20 x 40 cm
- Design architectural project of your imagined paradise
- Exchange one photo #15 artwork for #21- noodles soup-