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Laureana Toledo


B&W Photograph


Winning Bid

-I plant two olive trees on your garden
-I´ll give monthly maintenance over a year

Barter History

to help keep the world clear of rubbish- 20 foot massage, and 3 course dinner on my rooftop- 100 poems translating work- Private visit around cellars an vaults at Museum Franz Mayer- One original song played- Literary texts compilation of vultures and rapine birds.-Artist text translation to french, english and spanish- Furniture or Lamp- 1 walk, one work and one trip to the beach (future)- portrait- printed and framed photo- One Cd with 1000 Torreon city archive photos since 1907/1924- Tarot reading- Remodeling project for your studio, office or flat, you can check my projects at Decorate with plants in any space you want. 1 kiss every single day, any part of your body for 1 year- One tour around hidden and unknown places in the city- One year artisan, organic free soap (4 a month) and nonna´s cake recipe italian original- 4 weekends or 8 afternoons as assistant- A night of drinking on NY. i´ll buy you a snack and play for you a song on the trumpet- 3 sex therapy sessions- animated loop about your artwork- The photo will appears in the home trailer of my first film. Besides credit inspiration and appreciation complete website, programming and complete file of artwork-