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Darren Harvey Regan

Morpheme 8

Fiber-based handprint mounted on Valchromat, 2013

50 x 40cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made at this time, may barter for design offer in near future

Barter History

-A concrete USB.
-10 paper tents from my “Another ay lost” installation at Art Week @ Alserkal (Issam Kourbaj)
-Two rear breeze blocks from my bedroom + a kiss :)
-I will go to your house in 3 costumes of your choice and read 5 Shakespeare sonets in 5 different Indian accents over the course of their dinner meal (I am a rapper from the band Foreign Beggars)/ either design services or collaborate on book or project to work on together, showcasing their work (I design).
-2 concrete blocks (signed by Radhika Khimji).
-A paiting kit (I love this picture, I will win, I will be super happy - Robert, 11 year-old).
-You can come to Berlin and I will take you to techno clubs 1 week in Rome in my lovely house full of artworks were me and my girlfriend (in ---October wife) will show you the city, prepare for you delicious food and make you feel as an Italian can do.
-Choose my offer and it will be a nice present for my marriage 3 nights in a flat central Brussels in a nice area (you can walk around and visit the galleries)