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David Noonan


Silkscreen on paper collage2015

Winning Bid

A holiday for you and your family in either Tuscany or Greece

Barter History

-A weekend in St.Tropez and meet famous people with luxury restaurant meals.
-(I am 10 years old, I love this art).
-A cuddling session with my Arabian cat in downtown Dubai.
-You can take a picture with my pomeranian (Mica, male).
-Party with my friends.
-All of my knowledge.
-A poster/design with whatever phrase artist wants, a playlist, a karaoke escapade.
-A photo mosaic of my first ship wreck.
-20 paper airplanes (I am 8 year old)
-I’m specialising in BW photography, I’ll make you a unique session;
-A weekend at Peyrassol in France to taste the best wine ever!.
-An owl drawn by me.
-An afternoon or evening of good cheer and fellowship exchanging ideas about the romance of art.
-1 piece of your choice from
-A tiramisu made by me.
-I am 10 years old.
-I am writing on behalf of my 4 yr old son who will offer one of his artworks of your choice (drawing example on back on baretr form).
-I will assist you in the studio for a project for 3 days.
-To create a painting college of an owl out of my cats unwanted hair.
-4 days in Tuscany this summer with Renee and Gene