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Isabelle Graeff

Dionises Residency

digital print, 2003

80x120 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Not the royal wedding, not the nine o'clock news satyre on charles and diana big day from 1982
-A week at my place near antwerp and tickets to the ballet, car to borrow to drive to gent or amsterdam, and home made meals
-A crumbling cottage on a sea lock in Donogal in Ireland
-Yours for a year, mack reel, boat soft air and soft accents. seven days at a beautiful village house in the Alpuaras (Spain) sleeps 10 + 2 flights from London
-A short film from our studio or following your shoot
-Two Chilean weeks
-free ASOS clothes
-some beautiful photos (bew) of beautiful girls having a bath- natural- not set uo- part of my own photographic work- film photography
-your picture back in 10 years, after 10 years of watching it with deep hapiness/darkness
-100 heart shaped pasties with the filling of your choice
-whatever the last guy offered but better!
-filming and editing your next short
-1 polaroid camera and tow furniture that you can choose from the shop UNDO THIS CASA
-a complete spectacular dinner party at my house, including edible glitter and bubbles yum! I have many ideas
-Song writing (workshop or private lessons)
-A video about the artist and his work
-A press release written for you next exhibition
-I will knit you a nice pair of woollen socks. This winter is promising to be very cold!
-Hand knitted scarf + glove set every winter for next 5 years
-Cognitive repitinal therapy. one day of substantial visual mapping of life pivotal experiences with Prof Strand in London
-A picture of my best friend asleep on the couch in his messy bedroom in Beirut- I will offer your artwork to him