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Sarah Lederman


oil on Veneer, 2010

7x10 cm (unframed)

Winning Bid

10 days stay in my appartment in NY (Rivington St) or in Rome (Spanish Steps)

Barter History

-2 delicious fried eggs (we're talking organic balsamic marvels)
-In the Springtime I will plant a vegetable and herb garden for you in a location of your choice and help teach you to tend it, could also be a balcony or window box
-A trip beneath the ocean
-I will write an article on your art and my experience of bartering for the Telegraph Culture
-valentine meal for two
-I will let you paint me
-My Dad - 67 Danish specialist artist from the 60's revolt. Architect and technica mista master!!
-DIY Doll
-Exposure on Fad Art
-A house key of your dreams in Plymouth
-My sister will taxidermy a jack-daw for you
-Freelance writer, I will write an analytical essay about your pratice and will publish this in a magazine (love sarah's work!)
-Jamaican patois lessons
-2 x tickets at Chelsea or Wembley