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Nico and Mom

White chalk on white vellum, 2010

47cm x 66cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A 5-hour cruise on a private boat. I supply drinks. You can bring friends.
-A pair of Vans, size 12 (used)
-All of my left over foreign currency (Chinese, Qatar, US, Czech, Canadian)
-An extremely exhausting discussion about meaning of life being taped on video and publicly burned after
-Champagner Picknick / Champagner Pinkeln auf dem Friedhof deiner Wahl
-A new friend
-A dinner and conversation with me you can do whatever you want for 2 weeks in an empty old building in brunnen str. (except renting out or tearing down) -a drawing entitled 'i wanna be AJ calfred jarry'
-korean BBQ
-ill book the shows of your band much better than mett booking
-market analysis of artists free choice
-for the first time i will draft a will and bequeath the work to you (or you heirs)
-studio visit and dinner a Grill Royal from curator at Sprueth Magers (curates with artists such as Andreas Gursky)
-drive in a convertible triumph to a restaurant of your choice, followed by a dinner
-my flat for a week end in Vienna + dinner