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The Devil's Off My Back

Oil on Canvas, 2010

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Home cooked 3-course dinner for 2 incl. beverages. -Kulinarische Extravaganza Austrian Dirndl, Lederhose, Schnitzel, Schurbladler for 10 people -A role in the next film by Bruce la Bruce -For the next year you can text me at any time and no matter where I am I will take a photo of myself and send it to you. At the end of the year we can create a show together based on these year's worth of text photos. -12 free haircuts at 'Notaufnahme' hairdressers, Kastanienallee - Main story incl. photos in Berlinindependent magazine Horst &Edelkraut. -8 strong romantic pure and modern complete outfit in 3 pieces (made to fit) -1 weekend in rome (amazing flat in Trastevere) or Tuscany! -1 bottle of 1996 St Emilion ler crause cpn class -4 weeks in a house on the lake in austria (faaker sea) meet saxony countryside and hunt your own deer or wild boar -Time in her favourite cowboy boots -Either 1 mix five shows or a recording session of your band -I marry you! -I can communicate with animals through intuitive telepathic methods. If you want to know something about your pet or improve your relationship, we could work on it