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Juanjo Lopez Cediel

Ajo, 2010

Digital photograph

25 x 25 cm

Winning Bid

Artwork by Alex Francés

Barter History

-A week in my country house -4 meters of micropoetry (book-object for excessive people)
-A "calçotada" in Valls (Tarragona) with romescu sauce and lots of all-i-oli
-The book "Jardin vegetal" from Taschen
-A vampire kit including: sunglasses (Moriarty style), candy dentures and blood made of jelly
-A "pintxos" tour in San Sebastian
 -Meal in restaurant Las Rejas de Las Pedroñeras in Cuenca (1* Michelin)
-Heart-shaped stone from the Galician beaches
 -Ask for a wish. We're 4 geniuses!
-Octopus-based meal in a typical house in Pontevedra, including wine, desserts, fiesta… Trip to Pontevedra included, and a good company
-I'm very much fun -Weekend in Sardinia to enjoy the beach, food and nature, sleeping in our house in Cagliari
-One single-line portrait of you like the ones on Proyecto Limón
-A ride on a cable balloon and afternoon snack in Casa de Campo. A bottle of olive oil from my land, as well
-Artwork exchange (Alex Francés)
-Chauffeur services (5-7) in Madrid, and excursions to Toledo, Segovia and Ávila
-Watching any movie of your choice at my place
-I'll teach you how to cook foie-gras and we'll eat it paired with a Billecart, a Climent or similar while we talk about what's hanging on our walls
-A bottle of olive oil from Puerta del Segura (Jaén) (the best in the world) -An afternoon drinking coffee and talking about art
-A canvas the size of a sheet of paper by a sought-after Cuban artist (landscape)
-Hand-made small broom, like the ones ages ago, it's really beautiful
-One copy of my book "Exhibition design" published by Alianza Forma
 -Do you want to trade with me? Are you rich? Answer the second question first. Being synthetic, what I offer is your participation in starting a website project. As any other business project, the aim is to make money, but that's not my main objective. This is a project in which Art, in its wider sense, makes full sense. As Fernando Trueba says, despite having his own production company, "what I really like is talking about cinema". I would add books, photography, painting, music... The first tests indicate that the project can be very successful, it has a catch, it's very dynamic and captivating
-Collection of 30 photographs from artists of the first half of the XXth century. Most of them are signed
-Collection of 10 UN golden medals, 14 grams each, all of them different from each other
-Two bronze and silver medals tribute to Pau Casals (1971), they weight more than 100 grams and are numbered -Collection of six books on navigation in English, each encrusted with a 40gr. silver medal -Collection of 12 commemorative envelopes and stamps, each envelope encrusted with a 20gr. silver medal
-Lot of 13 silver wedding coins, all of them different
-Brand new e-book with more than 100 books, memory stick with more than 1000 books
-The first artistic photograph which I'm proud of and a dinner for three
-A painting or a porcelain sculpture of your choice
-A hug and chauffeur services during a week in Madrid, 24h./24
-A descriptive artistic text about what your work inspires
-Two stereoscopic slides (Egypt, Seville, Paris,…) from the beginning of the XXth century, to choose among the more than 1000 in my private collection
-Photoalbum of my chaotic collection of masks, including objective and subjective comments (1981-2010)
-I'll take you to beautiful places in Madrid of which no one took photos before
-Spanish lessons speaking, reading and writing properly. I'm a professional teacher
-I'll write a poem or short story for each painting / photograph / sculpture that you produce during a year, until July 2012
 -15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
 -A space where you can show your pieces, 60sqm with direct access from the street next to street Segre (Bernabeu), the upcoming spring
-1. Painting you through a mirror or 2. A painting on demand or 3. Give you a painting among the ones I've done -99 enjoyable trips to the wc through photography