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Rai Escale

Elephant Walk, 2009

Acrylic, solvent, ink and pencils on movie poster

74 x 55 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Ten lessons of sol-fa and piano introduction
-Three caterings for 20 people
-Dinner in restaurant No-Do and drinks afterwords
 -One week modeling for you. I'm very flexible and elastic, I will send pictures upon request
-Ten guitar lessons or thinking about the concept of communication for your next exhibition
-Furnished penthouse in Costa del Sol right in front of the sea for 15 days
-Water of Life, the original
-Poems to your piece and to you
-An antique windup clock, a toast with Albariño
 -Paella in the Valencian Albufera, boat trip afterwords
-Two new pairs of shoes -size 36- from Isabel. She has a very good taste, she told me they're from Charles Jourdan
 -Modeling for you
-Beers and tapas in Serranillos del Valle and an assortment of products from my vegetable garden
-2 week-ends (July) in my house in Béjar, for up to 6 people
-Weekend in Sardinia to enjoy the beach, food and nature, sleeping in our house in Cagliari -Weekend in Consuegra (Toledo) and one of my paintings
-An ancient coin that brought me lots of luck -Trip to Brazil for a wedding in a typical estate -15 German (A1) and/or English (C1.3) lessons, or 10 sessions of creative writing (I'm a student in the ECH in Madrid)
-Weekend in a country house in Guadalajara, the fridge will be full of products from the garden, and another weekend in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid)
-I'll show you a place full of charm, unique in Spain
-Weekend in a house in Navaluenga, Ávila, including walks along the river and home-cooked meals
-Do you want to trade with me? Are you rich? Answer the second question first. Being synthetic, what I offer is your participation in starting a website project. As any other business project, the aim is to make money, but that's not my main objective. This is a project in which Art, in its wider sense, makes full sense. As Fernando Trueba says, despite having his own production company, "what I really like is talking about cinema". I would add books, photography, painting, music... The first tests indicate that the project can be very successful, it has a catch, it's very dynamic and captivating
-A week stay in my house in Arvada in the Colorado mountains (USA), visit this beautiful place
-A week of real rural life in a town in Segovia with a population of 300, experiencing things like shepherds at work, harvest, school, mass, etc.
-Private party with the performance of a well-known indie band and DJ -Naked modeling -Three drums lessons and a framed photograph (taken by me) -Delicious homemade muffins
 -I write stories. I'll write one in which the artist and his piece will be the main characters -Full invitation to participate in a workshop in the summer art residence in La Rioja, summer 2011, including sessions of energetic massage -Oil painting by the Cuban artist Humberto Viñas -Balloon ride for two in Córdoba
-A fascinating night in the Roman theater in Merida -Three services in one: I'll paint all of your house or apartment (you pay the paint) + 3 hypnotherapy or coaching sessions + I'll show you how to cook croquetas or cous cous
-3 years oftalmology consultation in Fundación
-Jiménez Díaz, for two people