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Insecticide Photogravure, 2008

Tinted photogravure- under museum glass


Winning Bid

A week long stay for 2 at le retreat in France (

Barter History

-2 pieces from the north circular knitwear range - the newest hottest new eco company founded by Lily Cole
-Create as a graphic designer a book retracing all your work as a monograph as big as you wish
-A tour of taxidermy in Devon and cream tea
-I used to be chef in a Michelin star restaurant so I offer a dinner for up to 4 people and you can choose between an international or a spanish menu
-A week in a village in the Lake District- overlooks stream nd 200 yards from pub and chocolate factory
-A private visit to QinetiQ's labs
-My account name and password for the Interactive Distributed Display Initiative (IDDI) network. A unique opportunity to display work on an LED display screen wich is then displayed in Soho (London) Japan an Princeton piano lessons/ songwriting if you'd like to!
-A creation of mystery
-Monthly delivery of amazing french wine and cheese for 1 year