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Nancy Fouts

Purse with Teeth

2010 Edition: 5/10 62 x 62 cm Giclee print

Winning Bid

I will sponsor a sister from the Women For Women Charity in your name. It is support for women in conflict zones

Barter History

An artwork from
- a bottle of homemade vodka
- a long weekend on a 109 year old barge in Ghent Belgium (I'd have to come with to set up the boat)
- 3 days studio time with producer in professional recording studio, Kite Studios in Battersea
- medicinal grade DMT
- I will increase my volunteer hours at Spitalfield Mental Hospital from two up to three hours
-"Learning to tame our mind" participation in four meditation classes. Unbroken lineage of Buddhist teachers
- An original handwritten poem. Edition of one
-Accommodation for a weekend in Italy and a wine tour
- Artist film,I shoot on super 8 film
-A class or course in jewellery design & making in silver / gold / brass by UK Jewellery Awards new designer of the year 2015
- Ferry from Westminster to Greenwich for two, followed by picnic on the hill and time to reflect of the piece of reflective prose I write on consumerism inspired by your work
- An early edition print of a pregnant lady and her man. It's beautiful
- I'll write you a song and record it with you (about teeth, money where your mouth is, if you want).
An unforgettable evening with German poetry and currywurst How to save a life :)-
-An original artwork framed / check my instagram: Elnaz Niknani- your own portable cricket sound kit so that you can swap your headphones and ipod for a cricketsounds listen. 
- a 3 hour course to teach you how to save someone's life!
- a 2000 words horror story written exclusively for the artist and the work
- I am an alignment focused yoga Instructor and will teach you 5 times an hours private sessions focused on an area of your choice
- a night of shakespeare (McBeth @YoungVIc) with aspiring and inspiring actress
- movie at Rio Cinema
- a choreographed piece of dance or performance based off this work or of any prompt of your choic