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Watercolour and papercut-out 2010

86 X 72,5

Winning Bid

50 printed silk scarves of 1 of your works

Barter History

-8 hours legal advice--speciality in copyright and trademark law
-One full day of long philosophy and inspiration
-If you are ever convicted. I can do time in prison for you (to be negotiated, 1 month max)
-I will clean your house naked
-I will be a human statue for one evening
-Dinner for 12 at chelsea loft. Cooked once by amy ross-peter. 2nd time by evan jowl
-Perfectly cooked dinner with pasta with polpette
-I will write you a poem personally about you and/or your subject matter of choice every day
-I will write a piece about you for a newspaper/magazine in the UK
-An inc block artwork made by me (large) and framed
-I will keep every secret you have/want to tell
-Free dental work for life--no insurance needed
-Original portrait of anyone you want.
-A great vivienne westwood outfit
-Free quiches and cakes/tarts for your next exhibition
-An internship with you for free, to cut paper. I love it. For 2 months or more'
-1_ 15 days (in summer) in my holiday apartment in Sardinia, beautiful island of Italy / 2_ work with you for 3 months as intern (your choice)
-Just a talk about your art in a coffeeshop and then I give you back your work.
-1 week of personal RN service
-Full identity suite: logo, business cards,
-Letterhead/correspondance, website design. My portfolio: / christine_clayton
-Portfolio+marketing on + delicious dinner for 4 at my apartment
-Career guidance or - jetski tour on the Hudson or - internship at internet start up
-Chatter Dinner & Chatter Track - Designed, cooked and remixed for you by the music duo/installation artists The Little Chatterboxes of Bingen, a diner/lecture/installation will be created in yoir kitchen. All prep will be done off site and all clean up will be done on site. This theatrical culinary experience includes: (a)A three course homemade dinner that is designed to fit your taste and cooked in your home. (b)A semi non-fictional lecture demonstration on the history and related culture of your dishes. (c)A remixed recording of the evening's experience that the Chatterboxes will transform into a music single just for you. This way you can eat your cake and listen to it too.
-Dinner in NYC & Blackberry Curve & Used laptop (PC) & VM Ware (Mac-Pc) & PR Services (one week social media)
-10 days in a 6 acre/ 4 bedroom farm house in the Catskills with a pool & 1 article in the Huffington Post or Vogue Italia
-A puppy, a dinner party and a Columbia and Yale thesis in History of Art
-A 49-star flag and set of children's books on the states (about 17 books)
-Art work exchange + one week at a 2 br apt in Virginia with studio+car+cell phone
-Will write a short story about your work of art. Email me for a writing sample
-Artists assistant for 1 month + cook you dinner (twice)
-Two artworks (TBA)
-One of my works from the new show at CO2 contemporary art (Rome)
-Cocktail party all expenses paid for 50 guests with alcohol, food & waitstaff (value 10,000)