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8x10 inches

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Barter History

-Lemurian seed crystal that I dug up in hot springs ak
-1 a long weekend (4days, let's say)in my studio apt in Coreatown, Los Angeles. It's not a lovely building,no. It once was, maybe but notanymore. There are apatments occupied by 5 when there should be one. There is garbage in the hall sometimes.But it's got character and I've made (I think) the best one can in my own little unit. and dirt despair inspires artists, so they say-inspires creativity? so really- what I'm offering you-is an opportunity to be inspired. oh, and you may use my parking spot too. I'd take that if I were you. I got held up earlier this year on a nearby street. 2_ if offer 1's not of interest, I'd be willing instead to send you 1 funny, inspiring email a day for a month.
-typical Eastern European dishes for two (homemade delicacies and wine)
-20 hours of labour/artistic assistance . Amazing!
-copy writing for website/ artist statement / monograph (once)
-I will ghost tweet 4 u -or- curtis jeve sculptures