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Sandra Blancaranda

Caparazón de silla

Photography. Printed using pigmented inks.

100 x 70 cm

Winning Bid

Artwork by Maria Ortega

Barter History

-A tailored packaging
-Dinner in restaurant No-Do and drinks afterwords
-Artwork exchange (Maria Ortega)
-Share a story of absence
-A dinner in Kabuki Wellington and lots of conversation
-One night of gin tonics for the artist and a close friend of his
-You'll be able to use me as a personal diary during one year, sending me emails on which you'll tell me how you feel
-I'll give you ideas on how to refurbish your space. I'm an architect.
-A conceptual landscape or gardening project
-Psychological encounters
-All the books I have from my favorite writer Haruki Murakami
-6 personal sessions of art-coaching
-An excellent home-made stew at home, with a good Ribera del Duero wine and home-made crème caramel for dessert
-A drive in my convertible around Madrid for you and your friends, beers included!
-Private dinner. Starters: mussel delight on toast with Cullera tomato and AliOli of purple garlic. Fresh hacke with Mota garlic, olive oil and pil-pil. Main dish: ox fillet steak with Himalaya salt. Desserts: home-made icecream of Cuban mojito. Wines: Albariño Fillaboa and Ribera del Duero (Pesquera reserva). Colombian coffee. Drinks and good company.
-Weekend on a boat in the Galician ias Baixas. We'll show you virgin islands, inaccessible coves, the Atlantic Islands natural parc, we'll eat and have dinner in old marine taverns, taste local fish and shellfish, we'll snorkel, we'll sleep under the moonlight in really beautiful anchorages; all this in the company of a family who is in love with those places.
-Consulting and advising on how to plan, design and build your house, taking into account bioclimatic, passive and sustainable aspects. A zero-energy and zero-carbon house. An ecological house
 -A birthday present every year for the rest of your life
-A thousand times thank you on a paper
-Masterly football lesson
-Preliminary plan of a house, studio or whatever you want, up to 200sqm -One Genial Brain lesson, used to discover techniques for the creation of knowledge and ideas
-Decoration advising
-Leisure and affection
-15 litres of extra virgin liquid gold from Toledo
-3 options: a) French or English lessons (qualified teachers) b) weekend in a beautiful rural house in Burgos c) excellent guided tour to Paris in a pale blue Renault
-Weekend in my village's house garden so that you can chill out under the trees
-I commit to show my daughter Nora photos, paintings and art in general whenever I can, and let you see that
 -Next month we're closing down my butcher's shop (Casa Montesa) in Zaragoza, after more than 100 years of activity. I offer 1kg of our famous sausage, the one that made one of our customers win in the TV Show "Todos contra el Chef"
-Guided tour to a wine cellar in La Rioja, lunch included
-A unique flower bouquet
-My book "Palco Real", signed -Paella for 10 people and an amazing Rioja wine
-3 pieces from any of my collections: cross-stitch, miniature vitra chairs, Hummel figures, silver miniature figures, etc.
-Weekend in a country house in Guadalajara, the fridge will be full of products from the garden, and another weekend in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid)
-Bach flower therapy during a year (one monthly session)
-Fighting for being happier every day instead of sitting waiting for happiness to come
-Guided tour in Prague, a few home repairs or Czech meal / lessons
-My mother and I will design and make you a unique hat for a special occasion
 -Cured Iberian ham and a bottle of Moët&Chandon
-6 months advise on copyright issues
-A painting, a chair, a story… I offer another painting, another chair, another story; or, alternatively, a photograph by Robert Capa
-The best Spanish tortilla ever (my mother-in-law's). -The classic with onions or with chorizo and red pepper
-A hug and chauffeur services during a week in Madrid, 24h./24
-Folder where to keep your ideas, custom design in leather and found materials
 -My collection of carpenter brushes from all around the world -
Delicious homemade muffins
-A story in which you'll be the main character. Other elements that will appear: a terrasse, champagne rosé, luxury, adventures, lots of art and intellect
-The most valuable thing I can offer: taking care of the artist's health, the friendship and attention of 2 doctors with lots of experience, specialists in oftalmology and gastroenterology
-Full invitation to participate in a workshop in the summer art residence in La Rioja, summer 2011, including sessions of energetic massage -Sevillana dance lessons in Madrid (as many as you need until you can dance)
-My book about Goldini and extraordinary Italian lessons until you've learnt
-Excursion to the Penedes region (for up to two people), sleeping in the Biohotel Cal Ruguet
-Masking tape
-Beers and tapas in Madrid chatting about anything I'll take you to beautiful places in Madrid of which no one took photos before
-Spanish lessons (speaking, reading and writing properly. I'm a professional teacher
-I'll write a poem or short story for each painting / photograph / sculpture that you produce during a year, until July 2012 -15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-A space where you can show your pieces, 60sqm with direct access from the street next to street Segre (Bernabeu), the upcoming spring -1. Painting you through a mirror or 2. A painting on demand or 3. Give you a painting among the ones I've done -99 enjoyable trips to the wc through photography