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Lee, 2010


100 x 70cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Chalet in Zarzalejo (near Madrid) for a weekend, guided trip, a dinner and good wine
-Full discography of Zona Bruta from their very beginnings and any future albums
-A visit to the Education History Museum of the Universidad Complutense
-Promotion on media of one of your upcoming projects
-I'll give you ideas on how to refurbish your space. I'm an architect.
-An excellent home-made stew at home, with a good Ribera del Duero wine and home-made crème caramel for dessert
-4 sessions of personal coaching to stimulate creativity
-Accommodation in my house in Granada for a weekend, guided tours to la Alhambra, hidden places and visit to the best tapas bars
-A puppy of my dog, whenever I cross it
-Help me develop a project: helping children to carry on their studies in my town in Morocco
-Valencian paella, in the Valencian mountains with four Valencians
-Schematic design of your house / studio / gallery, including plans and 3D views -A Trapos Sucios Yearbook 2001 (almost a collector piece!) -Visit including lunch to a waterwheel behind three stones in Leon
-I'll send the work to Galicia, Madrid, Holland, Cadiz... to share it with my relatives, and will record a video of each of them telling what they understand from the work, where they place it in their homes and how it influences their everyday life. I will send you the video, so that you can live the experience of the life of your work, or even make a new piece based on this experience.
-An airplane and a rocket made of Lego
-60 minutes in a radio program of socio-cultural and humanitarian contents
-A present done with my own hands for Christmas. Also two cherries
-Any family-related thing: a meal any day, for all your lifetime (I love cooking), paddling in the reservoir and a Christmas card every year
-Extra virgin olive oil from my olive trees for one whole year and organic vegetables from my garden (potatoes, lettuces, onions, cucumbers, beans, chards, etc.) for one whole year as well. Home delivery
-Copy of my book "Fundamentos para la proyectación de los objetos en las playas de Cancún México"
-Double bass lessons, any style and technique
-I'll teach you a new pictorical technique called liquid scannography: paint directly on the scanner using any pictorical technique without damaging it
-Personal therapy or marriage counseling (I'm a professional psychotherapist from Madrid)
-My book "Palco Real", signed
-Personal shopper advising
-One full day guided tour in Barco de Ávila including transportation, home-made meal ant guide (from Madrid), my house will also be available if you want to rest
-30 hour photoshop private lessons (in Madrid)
-A cuddly toy of mine -My eternal friendship
-I'll walk your dog or take care of your baby for a month in the afternoons between Monday and Friday
-Graphic design of an ad
-Road trip from here to Moscow by car, leaving in August 2012; we'll split costs, I'm only 20
-A design for a house when I finish my studies in four years
-Weekend in Don Benito (Badajoz) with my family and friends
-English lessons, we'll meet in some fresh spot in Madrid
-A trip to the Lost World
-Do you want to trade with me? Are you rich? Answer the second question first. Being synthetic, what I offer is your participation in starting a website project. As any other business project, the aim is to make money, but that's not my main objective. This is a project in which Art, in its wider sense, makes full sense. As Fernando Trueba says, despite having his own production company, "what I really like is talking about cinema". I would add books, photography, painting, music... The first tests indicate that the project can be very successful, it has a catch, it's very dynamic and captivating
-The little collection of books that I've bought and read on condition that, once you've read them, you give them to someone else -Being your assistant for a month for any art project you may have in summer 2012
-Promotion in a contemporary art website (news, interviews, facebook, twitter,…)
-A descriptive artistic text about what your work inspires
-Essay about the sense and the coincidences behind the desire to possess this piece
-Delicious dinner or lunch for between one and 16 people in a place of your choice, menu design based on your taste
-Motocross retro bike (two sizes and colours to choose)
-Choice of vintage woman garment or accessory to choose among a wide choice
-Exhibition in The Gallery jazz-bar, new exhibition space opening in September in Madrid near Atocha
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-Barbecue and mojitos -1. Painting you through a mirror or 2. A painting on demand or 3. Give you a painting among the ones I've done
-One week accommodation in Paris or Senegal
 -I'll read for you in Spanish for 5 hours anything you want me to while you relax in the park
-A poem from back when I was a teenager