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Vanguard #339

Oil on canvas

80 x 54 cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-My piece in the Art Barter show by Jeremy Shaw
-Free portrait (photographic)
-Introduction to the world of the red wine with my father in the heart of the Rhineland (food included) and views that are sensational & where nature is still untouched. Pick up from train station and one night too.
-Spend the whole October in my flat in Mitte
-Clean and organise your work space for one day
-Catering for a picnic for 8 people (for examples of expertise consult food album on facebook of julian mills arnold)
-A new joke via email every day for one year
-5 hours of basic chinese (ghost version)
-A week in london, portobello flat with 5 hour lessons in logic music programme
-A night with my ex girlfriend
-A proper tour of san francisco and the bay area 31 and 1/61 apple cakes
-1 live chicken and 20kg of potatoes
-8 relaxing breath massages
-One window of the Palast der Republik
-I will take you out, i will be your addition if you need me
-Complete rights to the electric track 'dead man walking' about the recording of the song- you can re record it and publish it and use it how you want because you own it, think of a mix of the knife, j.s. bach and ryan adams.
-An abstract expression acrylic painting
-Private guide to hidden artists studios in berlin
-Market analysis of artists free choice
-My piece in the Art Barter show by Melissa Frost