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Tuchwelt / Commentary

Box:Silkscreen on Carton Scarf: Silkscreen on silk / Silkscreen, Collage, Coloured pencil 1991/1995

52.5x50.5x4cm / 223x88cm / 22.5x22cm

Winning Bid

gallop on St Andrews beach of white sands on beautiful horse

Barter History

-2 weeks in my flat Berlin
-30 hours of german lessons
-intergration of your art peice in our everyday life taking it with us and showing it everywhere in Berlin, London, Paris
-a unique scent exclusively made about the artists work
-my soon finished master thesis about Proust and painting and the dissertation -both will be dedicated to the artist.
-50 tailoured underwear Egyptian cotton
-give me this beautiful artwork to admire and adore and tell me your birthday and then for the rest of your life or mine a beautiful birthday present will arrive at your door