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Exterminator, 2010

Mixed media on paper and cardboard


Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A full fancy dress outfit and a tour in the costume parade
-Interpreting your piece using what I learnt in El Bulli
-Stay for up to 6 people in a house in Vermont between September 20th and October 31st so that you can enjoy fall in New England
-Original ancient music scores to choose
-4 kitsch religious figures from the 30s, 40s and 50s (virgins and Christs)
-Original sheet music for a quartet: clarinet, trombone, marimba and cello. The composition (created by myself) finds its roots on Middle
-Age Art
-A morning picking mushrooms and a t-bone steak for lunch
-Original drawing from my father (Pedro Trapero) to choose (years 40s - 50s)
-Dinner for two in your house. We'll agree on a menu, but I'd suggest sushi, pea soup, quails with orange sauce, fruit salad and home-made apple pie
-Architectural services of any kind -
Apartment in the Galician coast (Narón) for 15 days in July, right above the Ría de Ferrol, a few minutes walk to the beach. The apartment will be all for yourselves, you'll be allowed to paint on walls, floor and ceiling.
-A scallop or octopus pie cooked by my mother Carmiña
-A week stay in my house in Arvada in the Colorado mountains (USA), visit this beautiful place
-A week of real rural life in a town in Segovia with a population of 300, experiencing things like shepherds at work, harvest, school, mass, etc.
-Three drums lessons and a framed photograph (taken by me)
-The best Iberian ham that my husband can find in his Salamanca factory
-My book about Goldini and extraordinary Italian lessons until you've learnt
-Three days use of a fully electric car, motorcycle or bicycle and check and maintenance of a car during six months
-15 liters extra virgin olive oil Fuente de la Peña from Jaén
-1. Painting you through a mirror or 2. A painting on demand or 3. Give you a painting among the ones I've done
-Share a day of my life, I suffer Chronic fatigue syndrome. I can only share my vision of life from the tunnel of darkness and ostracism that suffering this means