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Mar Prat

Cruces, 2011

Iron sculpture


Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-Two weeks in Marbella, apartment in the seafront
-A one minute and a half report in Antena3 TV news
-A box of wine "Tetas de la Sacristana", a box of wine "Cajón de gato" and a weekend in San Sebastian
-A 100% Austrian experience
-A fright, a very weird drawing and a t-shirt that I don't use
-I will tell you the secret of life -A drive in my convertible around Madrid for you and your friends, beers included!
-A guided tour in Mallorca with a lovely guide
-Schematic design of your house / studio / gallery, including plans and 3D views
-Guided tour to Bilbao's Fine Arts Museum, paying special attention to pieces by Chillida and Oteiza
 -Interpreting your piece using what I learnt in El Bulli
-Help me develop a project: helping children to carry on their studies in my town in Morocco
-Preliminary plan of a house, studio or whatever you want, up to 200sqm
-Tasting dinner at your place for 10 people (I buy delicatessen and take care of the service). Doesn't matter where as long as it's Europe
-Two blank cheques and all my affection
 -Octopus-based meal in a typical house in Pontevedra, including wine, desserts, fiesta… Trip to Pontevedra included, and a good company (I'm very much fun)
-I'm the guitar player in a ska band, I offer a CD with our last few songs
-Paella from my mother's take away (it's delicious) and the collection of erasers that I've been putting together since I'm 6 years-old, from lots of different countries, shapes and colours…
-One single-line portrait of you like the ones on Proyecto Limón
-A canvas painted by myself. Although I'm 11, I'm really good and I'm interested in art
-Foot reflexology session and a delicious king prawn cake
-Next month we're closing down my butcher's shop (Casa Montesa) in Zaragoza, after more than 100 years of activity. I offer 1kg of our famous sausage, the one that made one of our customers win in the TV Show "Todos contra el Chef"
-Listen to the sounds coming from the Alhambra spending a weekend in Granada with a dinner included Homestay in Valladolid and guided tour around the city
-Copy of my book "Fundamentos para la proyectación de los objetos en las playas de Cancún México"
-3 pieces from any of my collections: cross-stitch,
-miniature vitra chairs, Hummel figures, silver miniature figures, etc.
-Personal shopper advising
-One full day guided tour in Barco de Ávila including transportation, home-made meal ant guide (from Madrid), my house will also be available if you want to rest -30 hour photoshop private lessons (in Madrid)
-Road trip from here to Moscow by car, leaving in August 2012; we'll split costs, I'm only 20
-A design for a house when I finish my studies in four years -Weekend in Don Benito (Badajoz) with my family and friends
-Game of clues in Madrid, guarantee of thrill and tapas -Architectural project of your sculpture turned into a building in some mysterious spot in the world, including 3D-views
-Boat ride in the Retiro
-3 economy lessons (guaranteed results)
-One week in Menorca including accomodation, local home-made food and a guided tour around the island (I'm from Menorca)
-Do you want to trade with me? Are you rich? Answer the second question first. Being synthetic, what I offer is your participation in starting a website project. As any other business project, the aim is to make money, but that's not my main objective. This is a project in which Art, in its wider sense, makes full sense. As Fernando Trueba says, despite having his own production company, "what I really like is talking about cinema". I would add books, photography, painting, music... The first tests indicate that the project can be very successful, it has a catch, it's very dynamic and captivating
 -4 framed photographs of New York. I took them with a Leica between 2009 and 2011 -
Documentary film by Frederic Rossif on George Mathieu. Rare and hard to find
-Economy lessons. I'll explain you the financial crisis with documentaries and bibliography
-Concert of Bartok by Stokouski. CD DVD audio with three versions stereo and two hi-fidelity audio transcriptions of the 35mm master
-Wood chess set designed by Josef Harwig (replica of the 1924 original) designed for the Bauhaus
-555 harpsichord sonatas from Scarlatti by Scott Ross (34 cds)
-Original CD with transcription of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Very limited and rare edition Original CD with transcription of the Blade Runner soundtrack. Very limited and rare edition
-Very rare copy of the book Winogrand, published in 1964
-Dinner at home
-A descriptive artistic text about what your work inspires
-The most valuable thing I can offer: taking care of the artist's health, the friendship and attention of 2 doctors with lots of experience, specialists in oftalmology and gastroenterology
-Taghever watch with chronograph
-Inspiration in Sanhattan: 10 days stay in an apartment with views over the Andes and to the geometric skyline of Santiago de Chile
-Oil painting by the Cuban artist Humberto Viñas
-A lemon tree
-I'll take you to beautiful places in Madrid of which no one took photos before
-Spanish lessons (speaking, reading and writing properly.) I'm a professional teacher
 -I'll write a poem or short story for each painting / photograph / sculpture that you produce during a year, until July 2012
-A fascinating night in the Roman theater in Merida
-A short poem
-A space where you can show your pieces, 60sqm with direct access from the street next to street Segre (Bernabeu), the upcoming spring
-1. Painting you through a mirror or 2. A painting on demand or 3. Give you a painting among the ones I've done -3 years oftalmology consultation in Fundación Jiménez Díaz, for two people