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Zeinab Alhashemi

What are you worth?

A series of 4 artworks, 2013

Winning Bid

Barter History

-A home cooked dinner (with wine) + a 3-minute film of your work.
-10 hours of German for free.
-A unique sculpture of your choice up to a value of AED 5,000 (five thousand).
-I offer Theta Healing session.
-An actual 20DHS bill (invalid offer).
-Large handmade original floral bouquet & matching bouquet donated to oncology patient (
-Face painting for kids.
-A piece of my own art, I will create something new just for you.
-Need to express the feeling of the artist.
-A spare ticket to attend Disrupt Dubai conference in April.
-Free storaga pod at easy truck for 6 months and a hug!.
-The best homemade brownies and a painting from a 14 year old aspiring artist and my time as your personal assistant in Dubai for 1 week.
-2 hours on how to manage your finances (boring, but useful)
-1 month unlimited yoga classes @ Zoga.
-An original print of Avengers poster, A4.
-Life advice from a 13 year old French Dubai kid.
-Help promoting on my blog about UAE culture and suggest new ideas.
-Your artwork will be displayed in our hotel in downtown Dubai.
-You will be featured as one of our artists on social media channels and website.
-Postcards of your artwork will be placed in over 400 hotel rooms with your biog and details.
-Happy roving! (
-Creation and naming rights for exotic pizza flavour to feature for one month in our restaurant.
-Insurance advice.
-Chicken and mushroom pie.
-10 hours of French or Arabic classes.
-Blow job if you are angry.
-Home made dinner with 10 beautiful, interesting & international women.